Top American Stocks Making Investors Very Rich

Despite Bitcoin having touched a new milestone on Christmas day by hitting a new all-time high of $24,600 with yearly gains of about 236%, it still lags behind a handful of listed American stocks in terms of yearly returns.

Nio $NIO +1,069%

The leader of the pack remains Chinese car company, Nio, often tagged the Chinese Tesla. Nio has outperformed by 11-fold gain this year alone, pushing the car company’s market value past car giants like American based General Motors.


With the world’s biggest car market thriving well amid an era of COVID-19, investors are betting hard on the expectation that China’s electric-car market will expand rapidly over the coming years; though it seems its best model will be tested in the future as Nio’s sales volumes are still far smaller when compared with bigger auto-industry rivals, and have never turned a profit as research cost and marketing costs rise.

Plug Power $PLUG +1,043

Clean-power stocks like Plug Power have been hitting record highs amid a time when President-elect Joe Biden’s main objective includes tackling climate change.

  • Plug Power Inc., a fast-rising company that makes fuel cells for forklifts, mainly used by heavy industries and factories, has soared more than 1000% this year.
  • Leading stock experts are anticipating that the roughly $900 billion pandemic relief bill now awaiting President Donald Trump’s approval would benefit Plug Power on the account that the stimulus deal extends tax credits for solar and wind power projects as well as fuel cells.


Tesla $TSLA +779%

Electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla (TSLA), unsurprisingly, also makes this list of most performing listed U.S stocks.

Tesla remains by far the world’s most valuable carmaker and its present value has printed gains of over 779% after climbing from $84.90 at the start of 2020 to its current value of $661.77 this month. Tesla’s impressive rally far exceeds the flagship crypto’s run of over 236%.

  • Elon Musk, its founder, has gained $132 billion to his net worth just in 2020, the most by anyone in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index – a ranking of the world’s 500 richest people.
  • Tesla remains the only major foreign-based carmaker to have a huge physical presence in the world’s biggest car market, China. With the electric-car maker’s launch of a new factory in China in 2019, and the beginning of its Model Y models earlier this year, investors may want to continue holding.


Enphase $ENPH +688%

The fast-rising NASDAQ-listed company Enphase energy, known for energy management  (ENPH), has produced incredible returns of about 688% this year.

After burning cash for three straight years, Enphase finally turned cash-profitable in 2018, then GAAP profitable in 2019. The leading energy innovator started this year trading at $26.37, investors have now pushed the price of Enphase to $181.39 today.

  • In addition, the recently endorsed U.S stimulus bill, which includes $35 billion in funding for “new renewable energy measures,”  has increased the bias among many stock traders to go long on the clean energy company stock, taking to account that it stands to benefit from the U.S government planned allocated sum of  $1.1 billion to energy storage.

Moderna $MRNA +631%

In an era where the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of humanity at levels not seen before, it becomes unsurprising to see a fast-rising Covid-19 vaccine drug maker, Moderna, making this list.

  • Moderna is on the side of humanity in battling hard to keep the deadly Covid-19 virus under check.
  • The Cambridge-based firm’s Covid-19 vaccine maker started trading at $19.57 in January 2020 and it is presently trading at $123.39, printing yearly gains of about 631%.
  • Recently, investors have been super excited as its Covid-19 vaccine became the second to receive emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.






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