The University of Melbourne, Australia, Graduate Research Scholarships is Open



The University of Melbourne, Australia, Graduate Research Scholarships is open. International students can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship will fund approximately 600 students in all study areas. Tips to win this scholarship (people with social sciences background, EDUCATION particularly, as a case study):


1. It is interesting and important to note that this scholarship does not require a separate application. You will be automatically considered for this award after submitting your admission application. As a result, you should apply for the right programme and submit the best portfolios to get admission and the scholarship.


2. In the application section that asks about funding or how you intend to fund your study, fill in “The University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships.” Alternatively, after you have gotten an admission for a graduate research programme, click on the link below, click on application process and then click online application form to apply.


3. This scholarship is for Graduate Research Programmes only. This means that it will only fund masters of research and PhDs and not taught masters. Click on this link to see the Graduate research programmes in Education offered by the University. (


4. For other courses, the same thing applies to you. Ensure you apply for Masters by research programme and not taught masters. You can differentiate this by the name of the programme. I.e. A taught masters in Industrial Chemistry is usually written as Masters in Industrial Chemistry (Taught) or without the word taught while Masters by research will be written as Masters of Industrial Research (Chemistry).


5. Ensure you check the word count required for requested application documents (I.e., proposals and personal statements/motivation statements) and stick to them strictly. Do not overdo it! Ensure these documents reflects your research prowess. Again, this is the time to sell every of your research skills. When writing up these documents, avoid plagiarism in any form.


6. Before and while applying for your choice of course, it is advisable to check out the lecturers in that department and then identify the ones with the same research interest as you. Then, send them a cold email seeking their consent to supervise your research under the scholarship. Getting a supervisor is very important to win this scholarship, especially if you are applying for a PhD.


7. Link to the scholarship application page:


8. Link to the graduate programmes


9. Click on this link to see samples of personal statements, a research proposal, a recommendation letter and a cold email to professors. DO NOT COPY; ONLY USE IT AS A REFERENCE.


10. All the best in your applications.


– Yusuf Damilola Olaniyan


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