Surviving COVID19: AfriWallStreet Partners Boss Media To Support Businesses

AfriWallStreet has entered into partnership with Abuja based Animation home Boss Media to support young entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking to promote their products and services in the post COVID19 era.
The new partnership will support startups and entrepreneurs that want to create animation videos for their businesses at a subsidize rate they can afford.
The two startups agreed to work together and use this partnership to support the African business community in the Post-COVID19 era.
Entrepreneurs and professionals who want to create animation for their products and services can do so without worries as we are ready to see them get the best for them at a good rate. We understand the pains and loses the COVID19 pandemic has caused to many people especially businesspeople, so we had to come together to build a partnership that will impact every businessperson in Africa.
Our goal is to support Africa to recreate and rebuild what is lost to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Boss Media Designs Creative Master will also ensure that businesses looking for
* 3D logo design
* Normal logo design
get all services at the best rate that won’t be too heavy for them.
AfriWallStreet seek more partners to help rebuild and recreate the African business ecosystem that will benefit everyone.

Email or call 08060980858.


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