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This division focus on talent management, marketing, branding, endorsement deal, community outreach and media relations. Our ability to recognize talented individuals from the earliest stages and help guide them to achieve their potential remains unparalleled.
Through our management division we are partner of Miss Abuja Campus.



Through our media services we offer PR services to celebrities. We help them to manage their social media handles, showcase and promote emerging artistes. We bring trending stories and vibes in our society to you. When completed, our music studio will provide studio sessions, free profession mixing & mastering & other things to help upcoming artistes at lower costs. We also provide media coverage.



This division focus on saving celebrities and individuals from blowing their fortunes. We are investing their money in sustainable projects like building schools, farming, real estate, production, healthcare, retail, shows and events, etc meaning low levels of financial risk and our clients can enjoy high levels of privacy while we make money for them.

Enriching Lives


Individuals can earn money on AfriWallStreet by posting regularly and stay consistent with your  articles, photos, videos, activities in a group, etc to earn more AWS Points.  Individuals who reach 1000 Points in a month earn money for the month. Like stock market, keep trading contents, keep earning points and keep making money.  Every member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads. 

AfriWallStreet also organizes offline workshop and seminar programs for youths to acquire new skills needed in entrepreneurship.