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The 2021 edition of Catapult: Inclusion Africa has announced the 14 fintech startups that will take part in the bi-annual programme.

The startups were revealed on 13 May.


The startups will take part in an eight-day boot camp during which they will train and network with industry stakeholders.

Catapult: Inclusion Africa 2021 will run from 19 to 28 May. It is sponsored by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign & European Affairs.

In addition to the startups, the programme will feature investors from several financial outlets. The outlets include Bamboo Partners, ZedCrest Capital, AfricInvest, and Sherpa Africa Partners.

The investors will work with the startups throughout the programme as part of the boot camp.

Catapult Inclusion Africa 2021 fintech startups

Startups at Catapult: Inclusion Africa 2021

The fintech startups participating in the programme offer services across a variety of fields such as cryptocurrency, digital payments, and financing.

The selected startups include the following:

  • Emata (Uganda)
  • Moja Bank (Ivory Coast)
  • AWABAH (Nigeria)
  • Mosabi (Sierra Leone)
  • Mipango (Tanzania)
  • Igugu Global (Nigeria)
  • Chromepay (Israel)
  • Nokwary Technologies (Ghana)
  • Kotani Pay (Kenya)
  • Juakali (France)
  • RePay.Africa (Kenya)
  • Crop2Cash (Nigeria)
  • Asilimia France (France)
  • Vooli Insurtech (Kenya)

The participating startups will conclude the programme by staging a pitching event. The event will take place on 27 May and is open to the public.

You can register to attend the pitching event here.


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