Nigerian Edutech Startup Klas Secures $130,000 Angel Funding

Klas, a Nigerian Edutech platform that allows anyone to set up an online school and deliver live classes, has raised $130,000 angel round to expand online teaching platform.

The startup said the new funding will enable it to double down on platform innovation and powering online schools globally as it furthers its mission to unlock the power of knowledge sharing.

The funding round saw investment from Tola Adesanmi (Spleet), Odunayo Eweniyi (Piggyvest), Nadayar Enegesi (Eden life), Njoku Emmanuel (Lazerpay), Leonard Stiegeler (Jumia), Voltron Capital, Cabal Fund, Velocity Digital, HoaQ, and other notable angels.


Nathan Nwachuku, the CEO and co-founder of Klas likened the platform to Shopify for online teaching. He said, “Klas is a platform that allows anyone to start an online school and deliver live lessons. Think of Klas as Shopify for online teaching.

“Our software supports everything you need to teach online, including: payments, scheduling, community, community, analytics and video conferencing.”

What you should know

  • Klas was founded in December 2021 to allow creators on the platform to teach subjects ranging from coding to design, crypto, business, languages.
  • 18-year-old  Nathan co-founded the platform with Lekan Adejumo (CTO), whom he met via a YC matching platform where they bonded over a shared vision to build the future of online education.
  • The edtech startup recently partnered with Artikl; a UK-based startup building tools, to automate the job seeking and application process through AI to provide global job opportunities.


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