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This division focus on talent management, marketing, branding,

Through our media services we offer PR services to celebrities. We help

Our goal is to save celebrities and individuals from blowing their fortunes.

Individuals can earn money on AfriWallStreet by posting regularly and stay consistent with your  articles, photos, videos, activities in a group, etc to earn more AWS Points.  Individuals who reach 1000 Points in a month earn money for the month. Like stock market, keep trading contents, keep earning points and keep making money. Every member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads. 

AfriWallStreet also organizes offline workshop and seminar programs for youths to acquire new skills needed in entrepreneurship.

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AfriWallStreet is a business-oriented social networking platform with a vision to be the leading premier digital platform for people to network online. Our goal is to support entrepreneurs and startups pool their resources, work together and support each other’s businesses. We also offer career-based services in management, media and hedge.

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Our diverse portfolio cut across different businesses like the schools, farming, media, retail, shows and events, real estate, healthcare and other activities.
We are a partner of the Miss Abuja Campus.
AfriWallStreet to launch the Nigeria Fashion, Arts and Music Experience.

Miss Abuja Campus 2019
Miss Abuja Campus 2019
AfriWallStreet’s Fwesh Millz EP & V5ive New Release
AfriWallStreet Youth Forum