Here’s a Complete Roadmap to be an Excellent Java Developer


Java Backend Development is One of the Highly In Demand and Top Paying Jobs in Tech.

Here’s a complete roadmap to be a excellent Java Developer (with youtube videos):

1. Core Java First comes the fundamentals of Java Programming, here you will understand OOP concepts, conditional statements, collection frameworks,and many more.

2. JDBC The JDBC API is a Java API that can access any kind of tabular data, especially data stored in a relational database.

3. SQL You will need good SQL knowledge to work with JDBC to write queries.

4. JSP + Servlet Servlet is a server-side Java program module that handles client requests and implements the servlet interface. JSP is a Java standard technology that developers use to write web pages for web applications.

5. Spring Framework

5.1. Core Spring Framework

5.2. Spring REST & Spring DATA

5.3. Spring Security Spring Security is the primary choice for implementing application-level security in Spring applications.

6. Hibernate Framework Hibernate is a Java framework that simplifies the development of Java application to interact with the database. It is an open source, lightweight, ORM (Object Relational Mapping) tool.

7. Spring Boot Spring Boot is the ultimate framework and Makes Java Web Development less boilerplate, it can help you make production-ready applications in no time.

8. Basic DevOps

8.1. Learn to Use AWS & Deploy Java Apps

8.2. Learn Basic Docker:

8.3. Learn Basic Kubernetes:

8.4. Deploy Spring Boot App on Kubernetes:

9. Basic of git and GitHub

10. Java Microservices

11. Data structure and algorithms in Java

12. Learn the basics of Maven

13. Java Interview Preparation

14. Java Quick revision for Interviews

15. Spring JMS(java messaging services) JMS is a standard Java API that allows a Java application to send messages to another application.


-By Madhavv Arjun Tthukral


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