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  • Rwanda Coding Academy was opened in 2019.

    It was inaugurated with an enrollment of 60 students (32 boys and 28 girls)

    Rwanda aims to build a coding school in each of its provinces to train more software engineers.

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  • Nigeria’s 17-year-old Victory Yinka-Banjo got 19 scholarship offers worth over $5 million from USA and Canada.

    She has scholarship offers from the Ivy League schools, Yale College, Princeton University, Harvard College, Brown University, MIT, Stanford, Johns Hopkins University.

    Victory Yinka-Banjo was also offered a scholarship to the…Read More

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  • Lyon Player, Jeff Reine-Adelaïde has donated €25,000 for the construction of a school in Balaka, Malawi.

    Students had to travel 10km a day to go to school in the town. The construction of the school will stop that.

    500 children will have a school close to their home.

  • Zimbabwe and Aston Villa midfielder, Marvelous Nakamba has paid school fees of 1 000 pupils in Zimbabwe. His goal is to reach 1 million pupils in four years.
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