Google Announces Grant for Kenyan Women

Google is giving Ksh 125 million to Kenyan women who lost their income due to the pandemic to start businesses.

The business capital grant will reach 500 women, helping them either start businesses and find ways to support themselves financially. The search giant will also train the women on financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

The initiative is part of a Ks 300 million grant to support education, entrepreneurship and women empowerment in the continent, to help businesses, institutions, and job seekers recover from blows of the pandemic.

The company is also helping 500,000 small businesses enhance their online visibility through My Business, helping SMEs connect with customers through Maps and Search as they adapt operations to the “new normal.”

Speaking on the initiative, Country Director for Kenya and East Africa said, “Google will continue to help accelerate Kenya’s digital economy. During this time, the ability to be online has been a lifeline to so many of us. Whether you are a small business trying to stay afloat, a parent looking for updates on how to keep your family healthy, or a student trying to keep up with your studies.”

Google’s Initiative for Employment and Education

The tech giant will offer scholarships worth Ksh 75 million to communities who cannot afford data in November 2020. The IT support scholarships will offer a five-course certificate which prepares job seekers for entry-level IT jobs.

Individuals seeking employment will also access personalized training through the Grow with Google training to grow their careers and business. Finally, the search giant will introduce the Google Teacher Center in Kenya, targeting 25,000 teachers with skills to reach more students during tech.

“Being helpful during these times is at the core of Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” added Agnes.


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