Ethiopia Secures $745 Million From World Bank

Ethiopian Ministry of Finance and the World Bank have signed two agreements for $745 million to fund two projects.

The first agreement, worth $445 million, will be used to improve primary health care services, while the second agreement, worth $300 million, will be used to manage floods.

Both deals are in the form of grants.

The Program for Results (hybrid) for Strengthening Primary Health Care Services aims to enhance access to and fair distribution of top-notch primary health care services while fortifying the overall health system.

The Flood Management Project, on the other hand, will work to improve the country’s ability to handle disaster and flood risks in designated areas.

The agreements were signed by the Minister of Finance, H.E. Mr Ahmed Shide, and the World Bank’s Country Director for Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, and South Sudan, Mr Ousmane Dione, representing the government of Ethiopia and the World Bank, respectively.


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