Digital Innovation: Vcita Partners With Helplink Africa

CRM startup vcita has partnered with Helplink Africa, an African Growth Company to help entrepreneurs and small businesses reach their growth objectives, through digital innovation.

SMEs are the backbone of South Africa’s economy and as such, the small business sector represents more than 98 percent of businesses and employs around 60 percent of the country’s workforce across all sectors. 

Before the global pandemic, small businesses in South Africa experienced a languished economic period over the past decade. These uncertain times only enhanced this dire need and have required businesses to adapt to survive.

Helplink Africa, a South African venture builder, understands that focusing on the development and growth of small businesses will lead to economic prosperity, especially during this tumultuous time. 

Their vision is to see Africa grow to be a role player in the global collaboration of nations developing a better future. 

Therefore, the young, ambitious team plans to overcome these obstacles by partnering with vcita, a holistic business management platform that equips small businesses with powerful tools needed to combat short and long-term challenges and grow their business in the current economy. 

This co-branded partnership will enable South African small businesses to expedite their digital transformation, remain competitive in a digital economy and drive adoption in multiple sectors by delivering a unique combination of education on top of a dedicated business management platform that covers all the day-to-day needs.

Kuda Mazhetese, Co-Founder of Helplink Africa comments on the partnership with vcita. 

“The partnership with vcita is geared to ensure that SMBs in South Africa and across the continent will be able to leverage customer engagement tools to harness their growth and sustain the industries that hold together most economies.”

vcita and HelpLink Africa’s strategic partnership will ensure that the digital transformation for SMBs becomes a reality in South Africa. Using vcita, businesses will dramatically improve their customers’ efficiency and profitability, lower costs, and unlock a unique opportunity for national economic growth.

Itzik Levy, vcita CEO explains that the partnership hopes to effectively assist SMEs in Africa. 

“Now more than ever, navigating the business world is a challenge – and thanks to its great connections in the region, Helplink Africa can make a meaningful contribution to the country’s economy via young businesses attempting to climb the ladder. Being able to connect vcita’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities to Helplink Africa, and therefore the wider African market is huge”.



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