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The umber one luxury real estate company, in Nigeria Sujimoto, is looking for the most exceptional, hands-on, and best Business Executive, a posh Executive Assistant, a high-performing Senior Sales Manager, a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Engineer and an all-around UI/UX Designer with an extensive experience in website development, frontend/backend.

Sujimoto is hiring- join the team of the 1% professionals

  1. Our eye is out for an extraordinary BUSINESS EXECUTIVE with 5 years of experience and outstanding business intelligence to manage a progressive team. With the right skills and experience build loyalty and relationships between the clients and the exclusive club.

How to Apply:

  • Send your résumé to
  • Use the job title as the mail subject (BUSINESS EXECUTIVE)
  • In the email, state your years of experience and the name of your previous company.

Sujimoto is hiring- join the team of the 1% professionals

  1. A top-notch, posh professional EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT with certified experience of 3-5 years in administration, office management, organizing and coordinating meetings, conferences, and travel arrangements.
  • Send your résumé to
  • Use the job title as the mail subject (EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT)

Sujimoto is hiring- join the team of the 1% professionals

  1. A high-performing sales manager with experience in selling luxury products? A go-getter and one with access to the BIG BOYS AND BIG GIRLS?
  • Having a strong sales experience is a plus
  • The Companies you have worked for
  • Your years of experience
  • Highest professional achievement (Number of deals closed)

To and use Senior Sales Manager as the subject of the email.

Sujimoto is hiring- join the team of the 1% professionals


  1. A UI/UX Designer with certified experience of up to 5 years in website development, graphic design, frontend/backend.
  • Send your résumé to
  • In the mail, attach the portfolio of your works as well as your age to using the job title (UI/UX DESIGNER) as the mail subject.


Sujimoto is hiring- join the team of the 1% professionals


  1. QA / QC Engineer with certified experience of up to 5 years, who will monitor and inspect construction activities and advise the client on quality control and quality assurance issues, such as non-compliance with standards, or potential problems (e.g., technical) that could affect the schedule, scope, cost, or safety.
  • Must have, a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, or another relevant degree with commensurate professional experience
  • Send your CV to using “Quality” as the subject of the mail.



Sujimoto wants to give candidates with local and international experience an opportunity to take their careers to the next level. So, we are looking for people with high-quality leadership, organizational, design skills, and key attention to detail skills.

Being diligent, going the extra mile, with an unshakeable character of integrity, and an addiction to quality will set you apart and make you become the driver of your own destiny. The zeal to ensure execution and steady maximization of output is non-negotiable.


Sujimoto is the No.1 Luxury Real Estate and Construction Company in Nigeria and the Developers of the LucreziaBySujimoto – the tallest and most luxurious high-rise in Banana Island; the LeonardoBySujimoto – a 25-story waterfront tower in Banana Island; the proposed QueenAminaBySujimoto, a first-of-its-kind luxury tower located in highbrow Abuja; and the proposed Sujimoto Tower in Downtown Dubai, Cape Town, and Johannesburg.

A luxury real estate and construction company that is dedicated to redefining the luxury real estate industry with transformative experiences through intricately designed architecture. Our services cater to those who have a refined taste for the finer things in life and value opulence in its truest and rarest form.

From foundation to a chandelier, we search globally for the world’s most renowned thought leaders in architecture, art, and innovation in designing the masterpieces we create. Associated exclusively with bespoke and iconic structures, we offer a lifestyle only the Sujimoto brand can deliver.


a Quality Assurance/Quality Control EngineerSenior Sales ManagerSujimoto

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