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Are you a startup looking to address African markets with your invention and solving urgent challenges, and in need of funding and help to fuel your growth?

Techbridge a group of entrepreneurs, knowledge partners, and investors wants to support your growth and the success of your innovations, so they may have a bigger impact.

The accelerator offers you networks, knowledge partners, peer learning opportunities, venture-building initiatives, and equity investments. If you don’t want it to, your journey with TechBridge doesn’t end.

After completing the program, you will become a member of the TechBridge Alumni group and continue to participate in networking activities.

The accelerator understand that to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need skill, money, and partnerships.

TechBridge has financed numerous early-stage tech businesses and assisted more than 1000 entrepreneurs and 100 start-ups with company development.


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What Techbridge seeks
  • Inventive businessperson with a solution for the African market who has the desire, business acumen, capacity to put it into practice, and willingness to change course, adapt, and grow. What we’re seeking is:
  • Companies that produce goods that have a functional prototype, early adopters, and a high consumer value to production expenses
  • Services and software: businesses having at least six months of customer-based operations, a respectable clientele, and high client retention
  • Companies offering services, software, or products must have been operating with customers for at least six months and have a strong business strategy.
  • Applications from female-led/owned, coast-based startups are strongly welcomed.

The acceleration program will likely begin in the middle of July and run for six months. After the scheme, the business will either be chosen for funding and benefit from post-investment support, or it will join a vibrant alumni network as a “Techbridge Startup” and become a member of its network.

How to apply

Apply here and stand a chance to secure up to $200,000 in investment. The deadline for application is Thursday, December 15, 2022.



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