Applications for Global Access Fund Now Open

Applications are now open for Global Access Fund to provide financial support for both outreach activities and infrastructure development to enable organizations in regions and communities currently underrepresented in the global open science infrastructure landscape to benefit from DataCite infrastructure services.

The Global Access Fund (GAF) is established to enable communities worldwide to make their research outputs discoverable.

  • The Global Access Fund will allocate funding to projects in the following areas:
    • Outreach and engagement activities to support increasing awareness and adoption of global and local solutions and connect to community initiatives, such as:
      • Capacity building to deliver training to research administrators and librarians on open infrastructure and service fundamentals (DOIs, metadata, APIs), implementation (e.g. DataCite API integration in repository and other systems, metadata curation) and demonstrating value of the connection to local infrastructure services to the community.
      • Events (Webinars, workshops, virtual communication campaigns) to promote open infrastructure, discuss and amplify participation and adoption strategies and plans leveraging local initiatives.
      • Outreach resource development to deliver content (videos, social media content, podcasts, tutorials, etc.) that documents use cases, success stories, benefits of DataCite infrastructure in local/regional contexts, including materials in innovative formats and languages other than English.
    • Open Infrastructure development and integration to enable and increase the adoption of DataCite infrastructure and related services, such as:
      • Repository, publishing and other system development and implementation to allow organizations to integrate DataCite APIs and metadata
      • DataCite API integrations to connect local and national systems with the DataCite Registry
      • Development of new tools and systems to obtain additional value from DataCite infrastructure (e.g. visualizations, statistics tools, metadata enrichment tools, CRIS systems, etc.).
    • Demonstrators
      • As part of the program and with funding from the Global Access Fund, they’ll seek to identify and incubate three demonstrators across the regions. The three demonstrators can be in the following areas.
        • Leveraging and implementing open international infrastructure services for the benefit of local communities. Awarded projects should create opportunities for the local communities to take advantage of DataCite infrastructure to boost visibility of their research outputs and resources.
        • Leveraging and/or establishing open local infrastructure services and communities. Under this theme, they would like to enable local organizations to connect existing local solutions to global infrastructure, to enable communities that currently do not have access to these global infrastructures to connect into the global research ecosystem.
        • Facilitating indigenous knowledge sharing. There are currently many challenges surrounding indigenous knowledge recognition. Indigenous data and collections can be difficult to find, mislabeled, not properly attributed, not searchable; PID infrastructure can help enable recognition for indigenous knowledge. Beyond accessibility, the focus in this area is to fund projects that support Indigenous data sovereignty through DOI registration and metadata.
Funding Information
  • The following funding levels are available for individual projects in each of the three areas:
    • Outreach activities: up to 10,000 EUR
    • Infrastructure development: up to 20,000 EUR
    • Demonstrators: up to 50,000 EUR
Eligibility Criteria
  • Representatives of non-profit stakeholders within the research ecosystem (e.g. research institutions, associations, NRENs, government bodies, service providers, etc.) based in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia can apply. Applicants should be authorized to apply on behalf of their organization (legal entity).
  • Applications are open to both DataCite member and non-member organizations.
  • Preference will be given to applications from countries classified as lower or middle-income.

For more information, visit DataCite.


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