AfriWallStreet Accepted Into Engenesis Venture Building Startup Program

Africa’s leading human capital development startup, AfriWallStreet, has been accepted into the Engenesis Venture Building Startup Program starting in January 2023.

The Venture Building Start-Up Program (VBSU) utilises components of the Genesis Framework™ to support startups in their traction and scale. It is an application-based 4-week program involving 4 x 90-min weekly interactive sessions with the potential to be assessed for co-investment.

The Genesis Framework™ is an all-encompassing framework that allows entrepreneurial business leaders like you to know the exact stage of venture you are in and drive your business or project to the next stage.

Objectives of the program

You’ll become introduced to the Genesis Framework™ and use it to self-assess your own company. This will provide you unique insights into how investors view and assess your venture, as well as allow you to identify the gaps that can impact how you plan its growth.

What is involved?

You’ll be immersed in the ontological venture building framework that is the Genesis Framework™ through the weekly sessions over the course of 4 weeks. These are conducted through live and interactive zoom sessions with a cohort of high-potential founders.

Areas to be cover

  • Understanding key drivers of product growth
  • Scalable sales and marketing
  • Business model and financial viability of the product
  • Human capital, performance and team culture
  • Capital raising insights

AfriWallStreet is a  sociopreneurial (Social and Entrepreneurial) startup launched to be a leading innovative career development community that supports young professionals to stand out in their field and achieve their career goals. It is our aim to give young professionals good head start and breed globally competitive young professionals across the globe. We adequately prepare our target audience to comfortably secure local and global opportunities, in a simple and smart way. AfriWallStreet is your one-stop Career Hub, exposing you to career development opportunities as they come. We do not just expose early and mid-career professionals to these opportunities but capitalize on our talent packages, business academy, professional social network and digital media to ensure that whenever they apply for opportunities, there is a big chance that they’re going to secure them! Join AfriWallStreet social network today and develop yourself to be outstanding.

AfriWallStreet will join other startups across the globe to know the exact stage of venture they are in and drive the business or project to the next stage.


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