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    Egypt has electric bus networks in both Cairo and Alexandria as part of the country’s green energy vision to protect the environment.

    Egypt started producing the first batch of 2,000 planned electric buses in November 2020, and will complete the production in 2024.

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  • The Son of Saint M’rabeth, a painting by French Artist, Etienne Dinet was sold for €1.2 million at an auction organized by Maison Articurial in Marrakech in 2008.

    It’s the most expensive art to have ever been sold in Morocco.

    Saint M’rabeth was a local Muslim Saint.

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  • Sankara posted in the group Politics

    Kenya, Togo, Botswana, DR Congo, Gabon, Ghana and Chad have all been ruled by father and son as Presidents.
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  • Job Opportunities!!!

    Graphic artists (1)
    Aspiring presenter (multi-lingual) (2)
    A sales team (3)
    Digital marketer (1)
    Call centre representatives (from all tribes) (5)
    Accounting students (3)
    Business Development (4)
    Content writer (1)
    Social media managers (2)

    Location is Lagos, Night

    Qualified candidates
    to send their resume…Read More

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