About Us

What is AfriWallStreet?
AfriWallStreet.com is a multimedia startup with one of the most influential networks for businesses and professionals. Its members include influential leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, executives, professionals and young business people.
AfriWallStreet.com as multimedia platform provides essential business news, information and advice to professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and decision makers.  The social media network was designed for professionals to connect, network, explore, and share ideas, experience, and knowledge. It offers other services which develop the business, professional and leadership potential of individuals on all levels through advocacy, education, mentoring, networking, skill building, and economic empowerment programmes and projects. AfriWallStreet sponsors events that provides serious networking opportunities where up-and-comers mix freely with industry leaders.
AfriWallStreet aims to unite businesses and professionals in all parts of the world to Work for people’s:
• economic independence
• equal opportunity and representation in economic, civil and political life
Encourage and support individuals to:
• develop their professional and leadership potential
• undertake lifelong education and training
• use their abilities for the benefit of others, locally, nationally and internationally
• For implementation friendlier tax policies, improve access to finance and boost support for youth-led businesses to create jobs.
• world-wide networking and co-operation between businesses and professionals
• non-profit projects that help individuals gain economic independence.

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