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AfriWallStreet Professional Network is a social network designed for career and business professionals to connect, network, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly. Registered users can manage their professional profile, send messages, follow other users, send friend request, share ideas, post photos and videos, join or create groups, and share opportunities in the community. Unregistered users can only read those that are publicly available. Job seekers can apply for jobs in the jobs/vacancies group. Our community provides the platform for freelancers to offer services.

AfriWallStreet Business Academy is an open online course provider. AfriWallStreet Business Academy was launched to offer early and mid-career professionals courses across a breath of categories, including arts, academics, technology, entrepreneurship and business, and creative skills needed to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our industry experts make it easy for learners to develop important skills required to achieve their potential no matter what role or industry they are in. Opportunity is open for instructors to join and build online courses on their preferred topics.

Get latest startup news, business news, financial literacy, markets news, data, stocks, opportunities, investing, and trending stories.

See latest vacancies from all sectors. Get your CV infront of  the right employer. Jump-Start your career. Post verified jobs. Let’s grow together.

Keep up to date on the latest career and business opportunity. Call for proposals, expression of interest, call for applications, etc.


AfriWallStreet is a  sociopreneurial (Social and Entrepreneurial) startup launched to be a leading innovative career development community that supports young professionals to stand out in their field and achieve their career goals. It is our aim to give young professionals good head start and breed globally competitive young professionals across the globe. We adequately prepare our target audience to comfortably secure local and global opportunities, in a simple and smart way. AfriWallStreet is your one-stop Career Hub, exposing you to career development opportunities as they come. We do not just expose early and mid-career professionals to these opportunities but capitalize on our talent packages, business academy, professional social network and digital media to ensure that whenever they apply for opportunities, there is a big chance that they’re going to secure them! Join AfriWallStreet social network today and develop yourself to be outstanding.

AWS Academy


AfriWallStreet Business Academy offers FREE online courses across a breadth of categories, including business and entrepreneurship, academics, the arts, technology, and creative skills. Participants can create their Group/Forum on AfriWallStreet professional network to interact, share ideas, and experience.

Top Stories Today

CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge Warns Rapid Rate Hikes to Hurt Emerging Markets

September 23, 2022
CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge has warned that rapid policies put in place by advanced economies could hurt emerging markets’ growth

Bank of England Now Expects Inflation to Peak at Just Under 11%

September 23, 2022
The Bank of England voted to raise its base rate to 2.25% from 1.75% on Thursday, lower than the 0.75 percentage point

South Africa’s Affinity Health Focusing on Local Needs and Affordability

September 23, 2022
  Leading South African provider, Affinity Health, is on a mission to become one of the largest medical insurance companies

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What really matters for the longevity of AfriWallStreet is making human capital development a fundamental on a sustained basis.

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Miss Abuja Campus 2019
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